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Introduction to the Database Course

Objectives of the Database Course

This article covers the following objectives:

  • Learn about the current provided database course on the SQL Database Tutorials platform by:
  • Giving examples of jobs, salaries, and opportunities that are possible by following the actual course
  • Explain how your participation in the course can help you take advantage of these opportunities.


  • A passage from a book may get you interested in reading the whole text.
  • A movie trailer or preview may make you curious enough to see the movie.
  • A food sampled at the supermarket may result in a product purchase.
  • The provided database course hopes to open your eyes to the opportunities that are possible and help you develop the skills to make you successful in the professional workplace.
Database course

Questions to Consider

  • What kind of career in business or in the technology industry do you want to have?
  • What types of jobs are you interested in?
  • What options are you preparing yourself for?


  • Labor statistics report a steady increase in employment opportunities for database and Internet-trained personnel in many fields, including:
    • Publishing
    • Trade
    • Business Services
    • Membership Organizations
  • As their Web presence grows in importance, businesses are creating a greater demand for skilled professionals to develop and support Web applications.

Required Education for IT Positions

  • Today, most IT jobs require an associate’s degree or higher to start.
  • In addition to the degree, many require industry-recognized certifications.
  • With the internet, employers can hire employees to work from remote locations which broadens the pool of candidates.
  • Your educational goals are important in helping you get into a career that you enjoy.

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