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Learner Course Information

This provided course is composed of Sections that contain related Courses. The learning path is divided into two sections:


  • The Sidebar to the left has all resources for each category, as well as Quizzes and Tests.

Category 0:

  • Section 0 has some resources about the provided courses.
  • Section 0 also has a Course Objectives article that pretty much details what you can learn following the provided tutorials.

Numbered Categories:

  • Each Section of the Learner course is made up of one or more Tutorials, and possibly a practice PDF activity.

Required Software:

Access to at least one of the following software environments is highly recommended in order to perform the provided practice activities for all Database tutorials.

  • Highly recommended: Oracle Application Express (APEX) (Oracle Application Express guide).
  • Server-side administration tool for databases such as phpMyAdmin.
  • Client-side administration tool for database such as XAMPP web server solution stack package.
  • Oracle SQL Data Modeler.

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